Personalized Art Crating & Art Transportation

Make sure your art arrives on time and intact with Headquartered at Great Neck, New York, we tailor our services to your exact needs, emphasizing safe handling and transportation of your artwork.

Meeting Your Needs

We offer a truly customized service designed to meet your needs. Whether your shipping work to an art show, a personal residence, or another event, you can rely on our experience craters and handlers to treat it with the utmost care. Our services include:

• Crating
• Packaging
• Handling
• Installation
• Dismantling
• Storage
• Pickups
• Receiving
• Air Freight

• Sea Freight
• Trucking


Any Artwork

Whatever size and shape your art, we handle it with care and precision. From paintings to sculptures, photographs to pencil drawings, our professional staff knows how to handle your artwork correctly.

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